Cool wearable survival bracelet – survival gear you can wear.

Here is a good video from David at Ultimate Survival Tips. It is an interview he did at Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas with Dustin from Wazoo Wearable Survival Kits. Dustin demonstrates a really cool bracelet that incorporates 18 different pieces of survival gear in one bracelet. Everything from para cord to a mini fishing kit. This bracelet has it all. Their theory is you need survival gear that you will have with you no matter what situation you are in, so best to incorporate that gear into things you wear everyday. Great idea from an innovative company. So, enjoy the video!

Hurricane season survival tips

Be Prepared

Well, for those of us who live in a hurricane zone, the predictions are out and it looks like this year is going to be a bad one. I have had to suffer through several in Florida, and they are no fun. If you want a taste of what it will be like if the SHTF scenarios come to pass, a hurricane experience can give you a small taste. You don’t really realize how much you rely on electricity and how much it means to you till you don’t have any for a week or two. It changes everything. This is a bit different than packing up your camping gear and purposely heading out to the wilderness to get back to nature or test your skills. I think there is a change of mindset there. In a hurricane or natural disaster, you are usually in your home with your pets and family. Your are surrounded by your normal day to day items, neighbors, your job and community. That setting is totally reliant on the free flow of electricity, fuel and food. When all of those things are interrupted and you are in the same environment that has depended on those things for so long, it rattles the reality of your situation. When you set off for a wilderness experience, you go expecting it to be rough and you are ready to do without. It is a different mindset. In the latter situation, you have already committed yourself to doing without modern conveniences, and in most cases you have prepared for it. Personally I feel the psychological impact is very different for most people. Now, granted this cannot be said most likely for the professionals such as ex special forces members, long term military, etc. who have been trained and forced to deal with these survival situations on a repeated basis. But, for the rest of us, believe me, it can be a real shift mentally.

So, basically what this means is the old Boy Scout Motto is really important. “Be Prepared” If you are a prepper, then this is all a big yawn as you have exceeded the recommended preparations for survival supplies  by a factor of a hundred. But if you are not, now is the time to take some action. What follows is a short video I grabbed off Youtube which gives a nice short overview of some basic preparations for hurricane survival.

Will there be gas?

Not a bad little starter guide with some good basic survival tips. I think it is important to stress that if you are in a hurricane zone and you are about to get hit, you will normally have time for some last minute preparations. One is to go out and fill up all of your family’s cars. Often, gas stations have no power and cannot pump gas. You may have a generator, but you may need a lot of gas to keep it going. Some states have laws requiring gas stations to have back up power supply. Florida has laws such as these with certain restrictions. Look them up for yourself (see previous link). Gas stations with a certain number of pumps in a certain size population must have back up power systems and newer outlets must have back up. Depending on where you live and what is nearby, you might or might not have easy access to fuel. Unfortunately, in a major hurricane disaster, we have seen that the flow of fuel to those stations may become interrupted and they can run out and cannot be readily resupplied so filling up your cars and gas cans is still a good idea. You need gas for the car if you need to evacuate after the fact, to run generators and to fuel chain saws. (Having a gas powered chain saw can really come in handy with fallen tree limbs, etc.)

Stock something tasty

There were several items I feel the video did not cover or stress enough. One, the food choices were spartan. We are assuming you are in your home and your pantry. Just as easy and almost as cheap to stock up on some canned foods that are a sort of “all in one type meal” that you prefer like canned ravioli, soups and vegetables and fruit. (double check you have a couple of manual can openers) The nutritional content may be questionable, but this is not long term survival.  (make sure you have spices on hand that you like) Also, grab some comfort foods such as your favorite chips, nuts, or other snacks that have longer expiration dates. Like I said, most of the time you can run out at the last minute and get chips, etc. When your family is uprooted and upset, something as simple as snacks is a real comfort oddly enough.

Make sure you can keep cool

Get a really, really, really good ice chest (or chests). Before the hurricane hits, run out and buy all the ice you have room for. (do this as early as possible as stores will run out fast) Make sure your ice chest can keep ice for at least 5 days or so. This way you can save a lot of  the food in your fridge. Also, if you live in the South and it is summertime, it gets hot. Most modern homes were not designed to be lived in without electricity and they will become sweltering. Ice is precious as you can cool your water off in addition to storing your food. You cannot believe what a luxury a cold drink is when you are burning up. On that same note, go out and buy a couple of small battery operated fans and plenty of batteries to power them. A little fan can completely change your degree of discomfort in a hot house with no wind and no electricity. Of course, the best thing is a generator with plenty of fuel, but that can fill a whole topic by itself.

Fire, you need it

Also, in the video he read the FEMA list which mentioned matches. If it is humid, you have roof damage and water intrusion, those matches may be useless. For almost the same amount of money you can buy some Biclighter lighters. They are cheap, reliable, can get wet and are good for hundreds of lights. In the video he pictured a camp stove. It was hard to tell what kind he had. Personally I like to buy a case of the small green butane bottles made for camping out. You can get them with a plastic stand that they sit on  with a burner that screws onto the top of the propane bottle hand has a flame control knob so it creates a mini stove. You can heat water for coffee, tea, and heat up food. Make sure you have a smaller type pot or pan to use. This is a great little emergency heat source. Of course if you want to get luxurious, a two burner camp stove is even better.

Illuminate the darkness

To make your life more pleasant after the hurricane, don’t just get a flashlight, get some lanterns with batteries to power them. It is a great thing to be able to illuminate your bathroom in the middle of the night and to have more even illumination around the house than a flashlight will provide. At least pick up one of those little led book lights and have some reading material. If you watch tv regularly and it is gone, you can get stir crazy fast. Some good books or magazines and a decent light to read them by will make you life a lot more pleasant. (check the dates on your batteries if you bought them long ago)

Self Defense?

If you are in the true destruction zone like the worst of Katrina, Andrew, or Sandy, then self defense and defense of you property may become something to think about. I won’t veer into this too deeply as there can be books written on this subject. Unfortunately, when total devastation hits, some people lose their civility and feel it is their time to rip everyone else off. As such, you may want to do further research into proper home self defense. You can buy books, read endless articles on the internet or read a good family survival course. This is a subject you need to approach well in advance and give some serious thought. Whatever decision you may make, please do not fail to get proper training and learn proper storage of any weapons and ammunition. Safety is a must.

Hopefully, none of us will have to experience a hurricane survival scenario this year. But, history teaches us that this is not likely. Take a few minutes and assess your situation. Think about how it will be for you family to go days to weeks with no electricity, food or fuel and make your plans accordingly. You will thank yourself for every bit of preparation you make if  you get hit by a hurricane.

Family Survival Course Video

Here is a video I just posted. It was actually my first videoscribe video creation so it might seem a bit rough around the edges in spots. It is basically promoting the Family Survival Course which I purchased and read recently. Like any creation, I can see things in this video that I would have done differently in the video, but I think it’s not too bad for a first time effort.

Like i said, I purchased the course and was surprised with how much info it had. I was half expecting a thin course with limited info, but was really surprised how much information was contained within. It came in the mail in the form of a dvd, which you can watch, but what I did was download the files to my computer so I could more easily read and access them. It is surprisingly extensive. The author of the course is a 23 year marine veteran who apparently trained troops on Afghanistan. He has compiled a ton of info in this course covering all the basic topics such as what is the best survival gear to keep on hand, survival food, survival food storage, survival water purification, water storage,  and what weapons you may or may not want to keep on hand. It is far more comprehensive than that as he covers urban survival, home made energy, and making your home a safer place to ride out a crisis. There is much more in the course, I am just touching on some basic topics. Anyway, I was more than satisfied with my purchase.

Since you took the time to watch this video and read this post I will clue you in on a little secret. Got to my sales page for the course, read some more and click one of the “buy it now” buttons which will take you to the sales video for the course itself. If you exit that video, you will be directed to a new page which will offer you a discount on the course, so you can save a few bucks that way. Anyway, check it out and whether you pick up the course or not, thanks for stopping by!

Survival gear to keep you hydrated


Water is probably the most important item you and your family need in a survival situation. Depending on the heat and other factors, you can be gone in a few days with no water. Of course, the best idea is to store adequate, clean water for however long you feel you might be facing an emergency situation. But if you are away from or have to leave your home, where to get a reliable source of water on the go? Water is so easily contaminated with either bacteria or chemicals that it is a real game of Russian roulette to drink water you are not sure about.


Here is a video from Sensible Prepper about the NDur Canteen. This could be a must-have for your survival supplies or bug out bag. Basically it is a flexible canteen with a filtration system built into the spout at the top of the canteen, sort of like a filtrating drinking straw. It is apparently extremely efficient and laboratory tested to produce pure drinking water. Since it can filter up to 100 gallons, This could be a really handy item to have even if you have stored water. It could potentially increase your emergency water supply by 100 gallons in the space of a canteen, assuming you have a lake, stream or creek nearby. Add on some extra replacement cartridges and you could have an enourmous supply of drinking water in a really small space. Watch the video and see what you think.

I thought it was a good display and real world demo of the canteen system. And you can get a radiological filter? Wow. It would never occur to me that you could even think about drinking water with any degree of radioactivity.


Oh yeah, I liked the blooper at the end of the video. A well made video for a very intriguing product.

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If you are like the overwhelming majority of people, you have thought about emergency preparedness, but have done nothing about it. You may have seen a TV show like “Doomsday Preppers” or read an article in a newspaper or magazine urging people to prepare for disasters. But, once again if you are like most people, you’ve never really done anything about it. If you have ever had to go several days just without electricity, from a hurricane or some other natural event, you learn very quickly how much we take for granted what we have on a daily basis. For most people, no electricity means no air conditioning, no heat, no light, no food refrigeration, and more if you are not prepared in some way. It may not be life threatening but it will motivate you to be prepared for the future. Unfortunately, most of us are not prepared for a large scale disaster and even minor precautions can make life easier when things go bad.

 By reading this article, it shows you are one of the few who have decided you need to do something to prepare for an emergency situation. This can take the form of scouring the internet looking for articles or a survival guide where all the information you need is in one document. Either way, congratulations for taking the first step.

 How much survival preparation do I need to make?

 Getting ready for emergencies or disasters, you will fall into two broad groups. There are those who want to get their home stocked with basic supplies, etc. Then there are those who anticipate the end of civilization as we know it, moving to the country, stockpiling weapons, supplies, and seeking self-sufficiency.

 The survivalist types focus on long term food storage, drinking water preparation, self defense, weapons, fuel and living off the land. These tend to be the “prepper” types. This is the hard- core route and demands complete dedication to preparing for “the “big one” be that economic collapse, emp attacks (electromagnetic pulse), nuclear or biological incidents, or collapse of civil order. Depending on your world view, this can seem very wise or a bit over the top. In light of increasing worrisome signals regarding the economy, value of the dollar, and growing signs of global chaos, it can be a prudent view.

 The other type of person is that individual or family who is worried but not ready to commit to a complete lifestyle change. They want to take some precautions to ensure their family’s safety in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, but do not feel the need to uproot themselves from their community. They may be concerned about civil unrest in and economic or political collapse. On the other hand if they live in the southern United States this may be a practical and wise response to the need to prepare for the occasional hurricane.(actually we now see that this is a smart move for those in the northeast after Hurricane Sandy). On the west coast, there is the ever-present threat of earthquakes. The northern climes must be prepared for prolonged winter blizzard conditions and almost everywhere has to keep an eye on the sky for the occasional tornado. It would be smart for any individual or family to prepare themselves to survive for at least several days with sufficient food on hand, water, power, and yes possibly weapons should any of the previously mentioned disasters occur. Like the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” is a good idea. With a good survival guide in hand and with some basic preparations, they will be ahead of the game.

In this website we will concentrate mainly on practical ideas that anyone can use in any situation be that urban, suburban, or in the country. If you purchase a survival guide to help you plan,  be sure to check out the qualifications of any individual’s advice. (advanced military training, survival schools, applicable background knowledge such as hunting guide, weapons training, living off the land, etc.) If you dig deeply enough in regards to the threats facing us as a country from within and without, making all the preparations you can for you and your loved ones deserves considerable consideration.

 So to sum it up, welcome and we hope to provide you with some tips, tricks, and basic info you can use to ensure your family’s safety should disaster strike. We will continually post new info which you may find useful and we will review more comprehensive publications that may appeal to those of you who want an “all-in-one” survival guide of everything they need to do.

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