Canned goods for prepping supplies?

Too bulky?

A lot of people who prepare for the worst feel that canned goods are too bulky, take up too much space in the pantry for the amount of food they provide. That is essentially true. Creating the ultimate, most streamlined stock of survival foods might have no place for any quantity of canned foods. There is no doubt that proper freeze dried or vacuum packed foods can pack a whole lot in a small space using stored water to rehydrate it later. Canned food is essentially storing a lot of water with the food. It’s also heavy and has a limited lifespan and must be rotated often.

What does the family usually eat?

In the real world, a family may just not want to fill all their storage space with the most effecient foods that maybe they don’t like or don’t want to prepare. Not everyone is a full fledged prepper, but still wants to be prepared for interruptions in food supply from disasters or civil turmoil. As a country we would be better served if we could convince everyone to keep on hand at least a couple of weeks worth of food so when the shtf, the civil strife would be lessened. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. But if a family is not going all the way in prepping but wants some level of preparedness, then the food they will eat regularly is a food to stock up on. If a family eats a lot of canned goods (like kids often love canned spaghetti or one of the “meal” type canned goods, then that might be a good stepping stone to start laying in a supply of food. If you’re going to eat it anyway, and it gets used up on a regular basis, then maybe canned goods aren’t so terrible a choice. They are not space friendly, but if a supply gets the family through the first month of a disaster till hopefully there is some semblance of order restored, then that is better than never starting at all. The upside is, with a canopener, you really don’t have to have a heat source or clean water to prepare it. Just open and eat. In the end it’s a personal decision and is a balance of how long you think an interruption in the food supply will last and to what lengths you are willing to go to prepare for the worst.

Here is a short video that delves a bit more into the subject of canned goods and whether they are a good choice for prepping supplies:

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