Survival gear to keep you hydrated


Water is probably the most important item you and your family need in a survival situation. Depending on the heat and other factors, you can be gone in a few days with no water. Of course, the best idea is to store adequate, clean water for however long you feel you might be facing an emergency situation. But if you are away from or have to leave your home, where to get a reliable source of water on the go? Water is so easily contaminated with either bacteria or chemicals that it is a real game of Russian roulette to drink water you are not sure about.


Here is a video from Sensible Prepper about the NDur Canteen. This could be a must-have for your survival supplies or bug out bag. Basically it is a flexible canteen with a filtration system built into the spout at the top of the canteen, sort of like a filtrating drinking straw. It is apparently extremely efficient and laboratory tested to produce pure drinking water. Since it can filter up to 100 gallons, This could be a really handy item to have even if you have stored water. It could potentially increase your emergency water supply by 100 gallons in the space of a canteen, assuming you have a lake, stream or creek nearby. Add on some extra replacement cartridges and you could have an enourmous supply of drinking water in a really small space. Watch the video and see what you think.

I thought it was a good display and real world demo of the canteen system. And you can get a radiological filter? Wow. It would never occur to me that you could even think about drinking water with any degree of radioactivity.


Oh yeah, I liked the blooper at the end of the video. A well made video for a very intriguing product.

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